62 Hands

The Patrón Tequila 2017 Brand Anthem Video & TV Spot


From the Jimador's hands, stained red by the Jalisco soil, to the nimble fingers of a master bartender, it takes 60 hands to make one bottle of tequila, and two more to make a great cocktail.

Patrón | 60 Hands
Creative Director


Setting the Tone

I had the privilege of concepting, writing and Creative Directing the Patrón anthem video for 2017, helping to establish a new, filmic aesthetic for the brand. The piece also went on to become a nationally aired TV commercial.

"Anything we show has to be authentic. If that factory worker doesn't ride that bike to work, on that path, every morning then we don't want it in the piece."
                   - Patrón CMO

Authenticity is one of the pillars of the Patrón brand, so I worked closely with the CMO and marketing team to bring to production something equally powerful and true. After several iterations, style boards, reference videos, storyboarding, and client meetings, both over the phone and at their headquarters in Dallas, we honed in on the end result: a high energy, 'athletic brand' style steeped in the authentic, daily life of the Hacienda (the facility and grounds where Patrón is made).

As an anthem, it's meant to serve a number of purposes, which made the film a unique creative challenge.

  • Consumer facing: it's an insight into the story, process, and people behind a well know, but often misunderstood brand, building affinity and desire.
  • As an in house tool: it's a hype video to motivate town halls, presentations, and sales forces and a 'thank you' to a huge, dedicated workforce.
  • But this particular video also needed to accomplish a tertiary task: showing bartenders that, in 2017, Patrón is dedicated to becoming the definitive tequila of the emerging, increasingly sophisticated cocktail culture.

Heroizing the people behind the process as much as the expert bartender, we focused on dedication to craft and practice, from soil to glass, the way you would an athletes dedication to training and discipline. I wanted to evoke an emotion and personal connection with the genuine, hard working people behind the product as much as the glamour and skill behind a fine cocktail.


  • Nation Television, Patrón Homepage, Program Page on Site
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The planning process consisted of two months up front pitching, scripting, client meetings, and approval process on my team's part before engaging the production company, Portland's Kamp Grizzly, to follow through on the final vision.


From inception the right music track was a pivotal element in striking the delicate balance of excitement and emotion. The client partner was very active in our search, and passionate about feedback and fine tuning the choices.

We hit the ground running with a wide variety of tracks, from garage rock to hip hop/classical hybrids, from high quality stock to top of the charts pop. After almost two months of reviews, heated debate, late-night conferencecall-listening-sessions, and contract negotiations, we came to the perfection of Ohana Bam's Blow Your Mind. An energetic, dancy, timely track that suited the athletic tone of the video as well as the underlying message.